3 Common Drug Testing Reasons

If you are wondering why companies are torturing their employees with drug testing then on this post we explained what the reasons for drug testing.Drug testing could be scary because you can lose your job or will not get a job if you failed to clear a drug test.

Conducting drug test is not cheap especially for hundreds of employees but still, companies are spending a huge sum of money for the drug test. The drug test is common in the industry, school, and colleges. Not only the fortune 500 companies but also small firms are also conducting the drug test. In this post we discuss the reasons for drug test:

drug test reason
1>Workplace safety and security-Safety is the main issue in a companies.No one wants to work in a company where the workplace is not safe. The recent stats on workplace safety shows that there is a huge spike in women harassment,drug abuse in the workplace. The government is now very strict on workplace safety.Conducting a drug test at the office is one of the ways to ensure safety.
2>Reputation-Let me ask you one question will you give your money to the person who is a drug addict? Most of us are not giving money to the person who takes the drug. There is no guarantee he or she will give the money back.
Similarly, the investor will not invest in a company who allow drugs. Investors and clients prefer a company that restricts the drugs in the workplace. Allowing drugs in a workplace are bad for company reputation. This will create the bad impression among the company clients and users. The company doesn’t want to lose their customer hence drug test are conducted in office to ensure that work is safe and secure.
3>Productivity-Suppose you want to hire a single employee for work. There are two candidates one is not alcoholic, and drug addicts and other candidate is drug addicts. Who do you choose for a job? A guy who is not addicted and can work for hours or guy who is a drug addict and rarely complete his work. Obviously, we pick a guy who is productive. Companies want his employees to be productive. The productive and healthy employee can finish his job on time and helps the company to make more money.

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